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Siller Helicopters, Inc., is an industry-leading commercial heavy-lift helicopter operator based out of Northern California’s Yuba City. From the small and nimble Hughes 500 to Sikorsky’s workhorse S-61 and powerful S-64E Skycranes, our multipurpose fleet is equipped to handle our client’s diverse operational demands. Siller aviators get the job done.

Aerial operations are supported on and off the ground. Siller Helicopters’ own FAA-approved repair facility provides full-service maintenance for our aircraft, including complete engine overhaul and rebuild capabilities, ensuring our fleet is flight-ready at all times. Field operations are fully supported with highly qualified mechanics, aircraft maintenance vehicles, mobile fuel tankers and a complete inventory of spare parts.

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With more than 50,000 flight hours without incident, we’re proud to note that in 2014 Sikorsky Corporation recognized our organization as having one of the best safety records in the industry. Siller Helicopters remains an industry leader in pilot, aircraft and operational safety.

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