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When Mother Nature Hits, Siller Punches Back

In December 2021, the town and area around Blytheville, AR was hit by large tornado that took out a three-mile stretch of power lines. Due to the marshy terrain that surrounded buildings and other set structures, reconstruction of the large towers by normal ground means would have been impossible. This stretch of transmission line was...
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Rockin’ the Rubicon with a Skycrane, Part 1

In a remote section of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California, volunteers, county officials and construction crews joined forces with Siller Helicopters to conduct a major maintenance project on one of the most famous off-road routes in the world, the Rubicon Trail. Jason Jorgensen visited the gravel yard which served as the base of...
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Pleasanton Siller Helicopters

Fighting Wildfires From the Air

Fighting Wildfires From the Air By Tim Hunt, Pleasanton Weekly [link to original article] Uploaded: Oct 9, 2019 With the extreme fire danger in Northern California looming and PG&E preparing to shutdown power to as many as 800,000 customers, CalFire moved to deploy its assets to respond quickly if a fire broke out. One of...
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Restoring a Lovely Little River

Despite an incredibly busy fire season, Siller Helicopters still was able to complete some rather unique and unusual projects this year, including a job to help preserve and protect California’s scenic Carmel River.
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Putting the “Air” in “Airport”

Operating in populated conditions is always a challenge. However, when that crowd also occupies the same airspace as you, potential hazards can appear from any direction. Flying in such a demanding space requires flawless logistical execution and specialized expertise. So when Jarrell Mechanical reached out to Siller Helicopters to help with constructing the new United...
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Sky High Recreation

On March 19, Siller Helicopters helped bring the people of Los Angeles a bit closer to the sky. Perched more than 1,000 feet above city streets, the newly installed “Skyslide” offers a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the city as riders launch themselves from the U.S. Bank Tower’s 70th floor. The slide, measuring 45 feet long...
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Building 54’s

After more than 18 months of dedicated efforts, Siller Helicopters, Inc. announced it has completed its second purpose-built Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe, joining a select handful of companies around the world with the expertise, support staff and resources to reconstruct these rare aircraft. With the new addition, Siller Helicopters expects to significantly expand operations abroad, leveraging...
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Aerial Choreography

Elon Musk Hires Siller Helicopters for Complex Heavy Lift Operation While every job is unique, there are a few exceptional operations that fully challenge the abilities of most aviators. So when Elon Musk, famed CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, needed a unique solution for a demanding job at his Bel Air, California estate, Siller...
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